We provides the ultimate solution for effective traffic surveillance and vehicle parking management, which can enforce vehicle park security and help monitor vehicle accessing. We specialize in programming and developing ANPR solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications. Our team formed by more than ten engineers, is able to develop tailor made ANPR solutions for our clients’ specific needs. Our products are developed and produced in-house in which only the best components available on the market are used. Each component is thoroughly tested for quality and durability ensuring a solid, state of the art system.

Our systems are of modern and stylish design. In addition, drivers will experience less frustration, no longer having to wait to collect a ticket, or queue to pay, and be stuck in a traffic jam to get in or out of the vehicle park.

ANPR intelligent software is an effective vehicle access control system with reporting facilities that put you in control. Ideal for use in large, busy areas such as:

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Motorway service stations

  • Car parking building

  • Congestion zones

  • Airport

  • Residence / Commercial Buildings

  • Compounds

In the off street environment, the main concerns of the private landlord/landowner are to:

  • Protect their property from unwanted trespass

  • Provide usage behavior reporting

  • Automate processes and payment systems

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