Nowadays, parking lots are becoming an organic part of our everyday life. SAM Controls systems offers flexible, low maintenance, yet effective and intelligent technology for vehicle controlling and parking operations. It reduces costs as well as increasing efficiency and security. It is specially designed and developed to be easily integrated into complex parking and access control applications. As a flexible system it can be tailored to meet special customer requirements.

SAM Controls Checking may be almost instantaneous. Proponents of the National ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Data Centre for example note that automated searches of several ‘hot lists’ by police using mobile ANPR devices typically returns results within 3 seconds, quick enough for decisions on whether investigation is required (and whether particular vehicles should be approached with extra caution).

Multiple Company and Location Functionality

If a building, compound and houses have different companies, so you can use the same system for company-specific location such as different parking zone as well as common zones. Each tenant (e.g. company or sub-company) manages their own data and receives only messages assigned to them (e.g. events, alarms). The other tenants cannot view data that belong to some other companies.

Transaction Logs Tracing

Automatic sorting of events and alarms in various logs ensures traceability at any time. There are logs for authorized or denied vehicle and also log hardware failures. These logs can be monitor by SAM Controls monitoring module.

User Management

User profile management makes access authorizations easy to create roles and users as per companies and locations rights, so user can perform their activity related to their privileges.

Master Data Management

User accessing rights and master data changes can be changed in few seconds and it will effect immediately in real-time systems

System Interface Management

Administrator can modifies system messages, forms and reports interfacing attribute according to their needs and it will effect in next user login.

Application Central Monitoring

User can view all logs (e.g. events, alarms and communications). As central monitoring so many advantages to end use for secure their premise by SAM Controls Monitoring.

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