It is common for offices, factories, call-centers, hostels, schools, clubs and hospitals to operate their own cafeterias for their employees and students. It is challenging to manage the cafeteria menu, attendance and consumption. Manual and paper-based processes are cumbersome and error-prone leading to inaccuracies and wastage of time and material. Several organizations provide canteen / meals facility to their staff; either company sponsored, subsidized or others. Canteen Management System is a highly customized solution designed specially by SAM Solutions for such organizations to improve their management & costs.

Complete Solution for Canteen Management

SAM Control Canteen Management solution is a completely automated solution starting from planning an order to delivery and including payments. Canteen Management allows tracking menu items, speedy transactions, prevents accounting errors and reduces wastage of food.

Organizations may hire canteen contractor OR engage in direct handling of their canteens. In either case, challenges can be faced where unauthorized staff/visitors avail meals, higher number than allowed meals are taken, manual slips are misused, visitor’s meal management system is tempered, etc

Benefits of Using Canteen Management Software

  • Helps in advance planning.

  • Reduces Administrative works.

  • Track cafeteria usage reports.

  • Saves time & improves employees efficiency.

  • Reduces Wastage of food items.

  • Provides a fast and efficient service.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

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