With both free-stream and access controlled vehicle parks assuming an imperative work in the successful progress of a great many individuals every day, it is fundamental that they are supported by top notch frameworks. FoxEye ANPR cameras have turned into a vital part in creating productive, exact and adaptable leaving the executives frameworks that help the achievement of vehicle leaves and give powerful administrations to all vehicle leave clients.

An Integral Part to your Business

With both free-flow and access controlled car parks playing a vital role in the effective transition of millions of people each day, it is essential they are support by high quality systems. FoxEye ANPR cameras have become an integral part in developing efficient, accurate and flexible parking management systems that support the success of car parks and provide effective services to all car park users.

Key Features

FoxEye CAM is a versatile digital IP camera specifically designed for automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) in high speed traffic. It consistently captures high quality images in any environment. In glare from sunlight and reflections or in nighttime darkness; in temperatures ranging from freezing cold to direct sun in desert heat; in precipitation from rain, fog or snow and at observation distances from 3 to 20 meters (9 to 60 feet) FoxEyeCAM flawlessly operates. The unique optical module with auto-adjustable shutter time and real-time motion detection-based self-triggering ensures appropriate image capturing at virtually any speed – even up to 180 km/h. Also integration with FoxEye – Vehicle Access Control Solutions

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