Outdoor digital displays are powerful communications platforms that enable one-way or interactive messaging of any digital content in any outdoor environment. The advertising or upselling content can be as simple as a Windows picture slide show file, PowerPoint created slide show, video file or third party advertising software. The key is the advertising software runs in the background to FoxEye application so the two are totally independent of each other.

Signage live customers want the ability to divide a screen into different areas and show different content in each area. Our simple drag and drop tools make designing and saving a layout simple.

The Message Manager enables local update control and text content on user defined templates independent to centrally controlled content scheduling.

Control Access to Secured Areas

As the requirement for secure, controlled and checked access to workplaces, industrial facilities and open structures has increased, so does the prerequisite for adaptable and “insightful”-machine-interfaces. In accordance with this, SAM Control now offers access control board arrangements with various inventive highlights for access and security framework makers. In the most fundamental structure, the new board can be a basic spread plate for a RF sensor with stop/go sign. Upgraded LED Display can incorporate reconciliation for ID card perusing, the expansion of a presentation for client data and high effect item or corporate marking.

System Features

  • Three level text messaging display

  • Integrated with FoxEye ALPR

  • Appearing Guest Welcome message

  • Member Welcome messaging with their name

  • Messages show as per day & night settings

  • Advertisement video can run Simultaneously

  • Advertisement video is configurable

  • Define advertisement period

  • Advertising and promotional activities

  • Stimulation of products and services sales

  • Informing and entertaining target audiences

  • Employee communications

  • Display Technical Messages

Links & Downloads

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