Controlling vehicle access to singular areas whether it’s corporate offices, gated networks or downtown parking garages can be a test. Wipe out the requirement for on location staff and the problem of halting for a card user with Access Control RFID Products. The two items highlight a subsurface computerized printing process, which guarantees fresh subtleties on even the most unpredictable logos for greatest clearness. Four shading handling is likewise accessible for boundless structure and shading choices

Adding Benefits to your Businesses

Using RFID as an alternative for barcodes is increasing in use. Among its benefits, RFID can identify individual objects, animals or people without direct line of sight, can identify many items — often a thousand or more — simultaneously, and can scan items anywhere from inches to feet away depending on the type of tag and RFID reader. Read time for RFID tags is typically less than 100 milliseconds.

System Features

  • Reliability and a high level of functionality is the basis for our business success as The Long Range RFID System is designed to prohibit the entry of unidentified vehicles into the premises and provides an effective solution for vehicle parking management.

  • In the parking industry, Automatic Vehicle Identification) is the solution for secure and convenient hands-free access control. FoxEye systems are often used for commercial and corporate parking areas, gated communities, airport- and hospital parking etc.

  • Traffic management technology helps to identify and prioritize vehicles so that traffic can be managed to avoid traffic jams and to create lanes of free flow for authorized vehicles such as ambulances, fire department vehicles and public transport. In many countries, vehicle access to city centers are also strictly controlled during rush hours, by a barrier or hydraulic rising bollards.

  • FoxEye RFID systems can also be used to add further value to a customer business. For example, a SAM’s reader can be linked to a ANPR systems to manage highly secure area via dual authentications.

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