The software installed to offer Car monitoring service provides all the functionality to monitor and control the access of vehicles to a site. The software can be easily configured to cater for numerous categories. Only Authorized vehicles will be allowed to enter the premises whereas unrecognized vehicles will be checked beforehand. The system will count the number of vehicles entering and exiting the parking area. An easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to give operators instant feedback as events occur.

Flexible Solutions for Your Business Needs

FoxEye allows you to analyze the impact of installing access control devices to the business activities. An improvised reporting and an improved algorithm of detection. With our solution, you can make money out of understanding and predicting the traffic flow, pattern, clients, and employees. You can award fidelity and prevent crimes.

We provide easy ways to integrate with software systems via open API (Web, XML, DB etc). Take advantage of the tools you use to augment your impact and let the engineering work for you.

System Features

  • Applicable in Hotel, Commercial Tower, Government Sector, School.

  • Multi Language Supported (ex: English, French and Arabic)

  • Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in

  • Streamline enrollment with pre-registration or self-registration options

  • Improve security by identifying who is in a facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations

  • Workflow base approval

  • Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data, quickly and easily

  • Visitor Authentication Method (RFID, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint/Thumbprint)

  • Facilitate Emergency Evacuations

  • Suitable for Managing Regular Visitors

  • Messages to the guest via SMS, Email on invitation, refusal or any notification.

  • Assign premise as per the day & time

  • Group registration

  • Logs all events and alarms such as authorized and access denied, entry & exit times. This data can be easily retrieved for immediate use or exported in various formats.

  • Control Material Management via Gate Pass

  • Gate pass sing-in/sign-out details

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