The sensors send individual bay status data to our stored data which in turn feeds the information back to the site to be displayed as a live feed on digital LED guidance signage. Innovations designed by our in-house R&D and development teams mean we can offer advanced parking information to smartphones and rich information to smart cities via ANPR systems, resulting in greater convenience for motorists and operators alike.

SAM is a smart cities IoT platform that no other parking provider can match. Our vision and mission is to develop a cloud-based platform that would enable cities to manage and react to information collected from a connected network of IoT devices, and we continue to do that. Automatic number plate recognition cameras operated by police forces scanned 10.1billion vehicles last year and the technology has been used by councils to generate fines worth almost £500million in half a decade, an investigation has revealed.

FoxEye Key Functionalities

  • Members Data

  • Data Analysis

  • Mobile Apps

  • Multi Locations

  • Visitor Vehicle

  • Central Monitoring

  • RFID Integration

  • Alerts Monitoring

ANPR systems in the cities are vital to use in order to secure the residents, staff, patients, authorities and associations related to it. As part of the range of products and facilities offered by the features of ANPR Car parking System, we have an opportunity to provide the customers with easy and hassle free parking systems ANPR Parking’s solutions have a major role to play in the smart city eco structure, bringing about improvements in convenience, congestion, urban mobility, lower costs, and the delivery of practical information and intelligence for their cars.

FoxEye System Modules

  • Application Management

  • Central Monitoring

  • Gate Monitoring

  • Membership Renewal

  • Email / SMS Alerts

  • Mobile Application

FoxEye Features at a Glance

  • Restricted Gate

  • Banned Vehicle

  • Authorized Member

  • Authorized Visitor

  • Watch Listed Vehicle

  • Parking Lot

  • Stolen Vehicle

  • Parking Ticket

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