Effects of ANPR Parking Systems to Parking operators-

Automated Number Plate Recognition System not only lets you see data, but also helps to understand its impact on your business, through a better reporting and an improved algorithm of detection. With our solution, you can make money out of understanding and predicting the traffic flow, pattern, clients, and employees. You can award fidelity and prevent crimes. We provide easy ways to integrate with hotel software systems via open API (Web, XML, DB). It works on the equipment you are used to, in the custom scenarios you need. A good business is as much reinvention as it is about the technology. Take advantage of the tools you use to augment your impact and let the engineering work for you

We has extensive experience in helping car park operators offer a first class customer experience for motorists parking at their site. We recognize that providing an easy-to-navigate experience that clearly lets motorists know where to find available parking, as well as a clean, bright and safe site, means loyal customers and repeat business.

FoxEye Key Functionalities

  • Members Data

  • Data Analysis

  • Mobile Apps

  • Multi Locations

  • Visitor Vehicle

  • Central Monitoring

  • RFID Integration

  • Alerts Monitoring

Our wide range of parking sensors is designed to cover most site requirements. Whether you need in-ground vehicle detection sensors, sensors that also provide guidance with coloured LED lights, or sensors that need to be surface-mounted so as to not damage floor membranes, we have you covered.

We also offer car counters, to give you a quick snapshot of exactly how many cars are on your site at any given time, and directional LED signage which can be affixed almost anywhere throughout the site, helping direct motorists away from congested areas to available parks without having to circle the car park in frustration

FoxEye System Modules

  • Application Management

  • Central Monitoring

  • Gate Monitoring

  • Membership Renewal

  • Email / SMS Alerts

  • Mobile Application

FoxEye Features at a Glance

  • Restricted Gate

  • Banned Vehicle

  • Authorized Member

  • Authorized Visitor

  • Watch Listed Vehicle

  • Parking Lot

  • Stolen Vehicle

  • Parking Ticket

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