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Save time in parking areas with a secured and automated system integrated at Car Parking Systems

At entry/exit provides the necessary information for the white & black list management and makes the control at access points easier and more automatic than ever. Vehicles on white lists have their access automatically granted based on their license plate information, while vehicles on black lists are prevented for entering the premises. Starting the customer experience in this way impacts negatively on how people perceive the retail outlet, and may very well be a reason they go to another location next time.

ANPR Parking’s system is designed to be scalable and can be tailored to any site. As such, this means we start with a traffic management plan, and devise the best way to direct traffic flow to suitable bays.
The licensed plate recognition system is also flexible enough to cater for busy visitor periods such as school holidays or seasonal holiday shoppers, meaning retail facilities can offer a hassle-free parking experience.

FoxEye Key Functionalities

  • Members Data

  • Data Analysis

  • Mobile Apps

  • Multi Locations

  • Visitor Vehicle

  • Central Monitoring

  • RFID Integration

  • Alerts Monitoring

Earn More with Satisfied Customers

If people haven’t needed to think about their safety and hassle in the parking of a shopping center, then we consider our job well done. We believe customers should assume that they will find a suitable place to park their car and be on their shopping journey without hassle. Our entire system is designed to make this a reality, leaving customers more time to shop and enjoy the facilities. Smart Parking has extensive experience in helping car park operators offer a first class customer experience for motorists parking at their site.

We recognize that providing an easy-to-navigate experience that clearly lets motorists know where to find available parking, as well as a clean, bright and safe site, means loyal customers and repeat business.

FoxEye System Modules

  • Application Management

  • Central Monitoring

  • Gate Monitoring

  • Membership Renewal

  • Email / SMS Alerts

  • Mobile Application

FoxEye Features at a Glance

  • Restricted Gate

  • Banned Vehicle

  • Authorized Member

  • Authorized Visitor

  • Watch Listed Vehicle

  • Stolen Vehicle

  • Parking Ticket

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