ANPR System Improvising Customer Experience

Provides for the parking of Supermarkets and haste areas, utilization of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera technology is very significant. Using cameras and processors, number plate images and color overviews are captured for every vehicle entering or exiting a parking facility to confirm parking duration. Controlling Traffic and Parking in the retail sector is a very sensitive issue, with many different stakeholders and factors to consider that pass by the area. The number of people which enters the premises of a Supermarkets is complicated to cater and deal with simultaneously.

ANPR systems in the shopping centers are vital to use in order to secure the staff, patients, authorities and associations related to it. As part of the range of products and facilities offered by the features of ANPR Car parking System, we have an opportunity to provide the customers with easy and hassle free parking systems for their cars.

The Number plate recognition technology help to meet and manage these needs and help in the implementation of successful Traffic and Parking Management schemes.

FoxEye Key Functionalities

  • Members Data

  • Data Analysis

  • Mobile Apps

  • Multi Locations

  • Visitor Vehicle

  • Central Monitoring

  • RFID Integration

  • Alerts Monitoring

Keep your Customers Satisfied

The Government and the Department for this issue guides to the Stores and Supermarkets which encourages each owner to work with their customers and staff to make sure that all of them can get to the site as safely, conveniently and economically as possible. Our expertise and professionalism in the industry means that we can create a traffic management solution that will work for any sort of shopping and retail outlets facility no matter how large or small. The featured system of ANPR technology will work cohesively with large supermarkets as well as Small regional stores. It will handle all kinds of traffic ad vehicles crossing the area.

Our range of Applications & Services to the Sector are designed to fall in line with the requirements of the Department for Technical Manual on Parking Management and include.

FoxEye System Modules

  • Application Management

  • Central Monitoring

  • Gate Monitoring

  • Membership Renewal

  • Email / SMS Alerts

  • Mobile Application

FoxEye Features at a Glance

  • Restricted Gate

  • Banned Vehicle

  • Authorized Member

  • Authorized Visitor

  • Watch Listed Vehicle

  • Parking Lot

  • Stolen Vehicle

  • Parking Ticket

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