Keeping Educational Institutes Protected

he vehicle access control application provides all the functionality to monitor and control the access of vehicles to the Educational institutes. The software can be easily configured to cater for numerous categories. Authorized vehicles will be allowed to enter and unauthorized vehicles denied. The system will count the number of vehicles entering and exiting the vehicle park. An easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to give operators instant feedback as events occur.

Our experts have experience in providing a car park solutions to universities and education facilities, and understand the inherent requirements and potential pitfalls unique to these kind of sites.

Managing the vehicles of staff, student and visitor parking areas can be a challenge. ANPR Car Parking system features a range of different sensing options, which meet the requirements and functionality of each individual car park.

FoxEye Key Functionalities

  • Members Data

  • Data Analysis

  • Mobile Apps

  • Multi Locations

  • Visitor Vehicle

  • Central Monitoring

  • RFID Integration

  • Alerts Monitoring

Car Parking System Management

The Automated Licensed Plate Recognition System can integrate with current systems and platforms to provide all campus management information on one platform. Our ANPR systems are the conduit between the sensors, and can also be programmed to gather information for almost any other sensor on site, meaning we can dovetail services such as public WiFi, air quality, surveillance and more.

FoxEye System Modules

  • Application Management

  • Central Monitoring

  • Gate Monitoring

  • Membership Renewal

  • Email / SMS Alerts

  • Mobile Application

FoxEye Features at a Glance

  • Restricted Gate

  • Banned Vehicle

  • Authorized Member

  • Authorized Visitor

  • Watch Listed Vehicle

  • Parking Lot

  • Stolen Vehicle

  • Parking Ticket

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