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Stay Alert for Any Suspicious Vehicle 24/7

We offer the proficient solutions for Automatic Number Plate Recognition with ALPR Hardware and Software systems. The system is designed to easily scan any stolen, uninsured or suspected vehicle in your car parking management system.

Automatic Car Number Plate Recognition System is compatible with various size of applications. Providing complete assistance to Security providers and Police officers in keeping a track of restricted areas while prevailing access control for unauthorized individuals.

Smart Work Process

The Automatic License Plate Recognition software integrates the information of the Car by converting the image into an alphanumeric or non-alphanumeric number. The data gathered is logged together with the date and time stamp into the system database for vehicle information, vehicle search or generating vehicle entry reports.

Promoting Safer Solutions Everywhere

Shopping Centres & Retail

Create convenience with safety for your customers with Vehicle Access Systems in Shopping Centers and Retail Stores.

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Parking Operators

Car parking systems with step by step guidance of Parking operators. Easy to navigate experience with LED lights and Sensors.

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Councils & Municipalities

ANPR Car Park System offers smart parking solutions in cities to integrate Smart City plans with that of Automated Car Parking Systems.

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Access Control for vehicles is significant at Airports in terms of safety and security. ANPR has evolved the idea of car parking everywhere.

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Universities & Education

With ANPR Car Parking System, Universities and Educational Sectors can create hassle free and secured area for students, staff and faculty.

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Hospitals & Medical Centres

Congested spaces of Car Parking in Medical Centers and Hospitals create chaos for the public. Resolve it with ANPR Systems

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It gets highly critical for the security officers to keep a check on every vehicle passing by. ANPR System is the easy solution to it

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Innovative Management System

Automated Number plate Recognition System operates with system that performs optical character recognition to devise the vehicle local easily. The ANPR System is designed to detect the vehicle with its magnetic loop which performs Number plate recognition to quickly transfer the image for Analysis to computerized procedure.

With the ability of ANPR system to record and store the vehicle number in database it restricts the unauthorized vehicles to enter the secured premises. The stored vehicle data in automated licensed Plate recognition helps in generating vehicle entry reports with the stamped date and time.

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